Let's talk about buying a business of $5 Million and over.

  • I currently have business opportunities waiting and would welcome a discussion with investors or investment syndicates. 

Strategy in Business Sales

Trust a business ownership specialist…

… someone who recognises that to ultimately be successful you need to:


Be confident in the rationale for doing a transaction
Positively work towards completing the transaction, regardless of what comes up along the way.

Once the deal is done, look back with the confidence you have made the best of your situation.


50+ business sales transactions

With the vast majority $1m+ transactions


20+ years experience

As a qualified chartered accountant and in transactions


30+ due diligence transactions

Covering a diverse range of businesses and opportunities



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More than a Business Broker

All of our conversations are about business ownership.

Sell, Buy or Re-Invest.


We work with a wide range of businesses (typically in the $1m to $20m value range) who are evaluating their ownership position. Some are just looking at their options; some know exactly what they want to do; others may have a specific deal on the table.

We have a broad process that gets to the heart of what the Directors and Shareholders want to do.


That guarantees each owner is fully aware of all options and that the outcome is aligned with expectations.


Our process is adaptable and can include working closely with existing advisors, management and other specialists to complete the desired transaction.

It’s about having clarity on what the best option is; then executing.




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